We Have Moved… :)

Dear All,

Please be informed that we have moved to http://www.fujiwarayukino.com

See you there!!!

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Comrades Around the World

It’s been some time since Nee-san got Papa into this hobby and since then, Papa had been enjoying himself every single bit of it. Going to places, meeting new comrades, coming up with shooting plans and building all sorts of nonsense toys for me and my Imouto Moe. Over these times, we have come to realize that it is not what we are but who we have become. It is not where we go but why we go there. Through our journey in Doll Otakuism we have met up with comrades from all over the world. From different countries, in different genders and of all shape and sizes… lolx

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AFA2011 DollCrash

It’s the official 1st day of AFA Friday 11th Nov. This is Fujiwara Yukino reporting from the Singapore doll booth contributed from the Singapore doll community and some Overseas Guest. I am glad that I was invited to this event by the organizer to bring to everyone this report.

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AFA SG 2011 Preview Day

Anime Festival Asia 2011 (aka AFA2011) Held in Singapore Suntec City Convention Hall 403/404 on 11th/12th and 13th of November 2011.
Today is the 10th. Where everyone is setting up their booths and also the Media Press Conference of the performing Artist.

This is Fujiwara Yukino, reporting from site.

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The Making Of the AFA 2011 Mirai Itasha

Hi everybody! Long time no see~ Yu Chann have been busy for a long time.
Today Yu Chann bring to everyone an Exclusive Report on the Making of Danny Choo Nii-san’s Mirai Itasha. Thanks to Danny Nii-san for giving Yu Chann the chance to do this exclusive report… Hope everyone enjoy it

Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino specially brought to you this exclusive report on the making of the Mirai Itasha. My name is Fujiwara Yukino. Today we are at the Project de Creation workshop where the Mirai Itasha will be born. Lets take a closer look.

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Mid-Autumn Fest

The Mid-Autumn Festival(Also known as Lantern Festival) is here once again. Its the 15th of August in the Chinese Lunar calender. On this day, everyone celebrates with beautiful Lanterns, Moon cakes and will also go out to the open to watch the Full Moon.  On this day, the moon is known to be the roundest and Nicest. However today, its very cloudy and we can only see the moon in a cloud of light.

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The Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino – Tutorial 01(DDII Foot Replacement)

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Natsu Matsuri 2011

OP: Natsu Matsuri 2011 Singapore held on 20th August 2011. At Singapore Japanese School in Changi. On this day, I went to the event together with many Comrades…. And the story continues.. =3

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Together We Celebrate(Singapore National Day August 9th 2011)

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My Hong Kong Tour Log.(Includes Hong Kong Tour and Dollism Plus 6 and Hong Kong Doll Meet in Maid Cafe)

1. Finally back home. Its been a wonderful trip to Hong Kong and I got to meet up with Comrades around the world and also made many new friends at Dollism Plus 6. Thanks to the local organizer and also Natalie from Dollfie World who let me join in the display booth. Not forgetting TonyBSD and gang who brought us around. Nevertheless, Yu Chann is still the adventurous girl who ran about the place. Hong Kong streets, Cable Car, The Peak, Sky100, Ocean Park and much much more…

But then, there is no place like home. My bed, my smelly pillow, my pet Sharky etc etc… (Not that I missed them, because lolx I brought them all to Hong Kong with me XD )

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