Fan Art by Arayden KOGs

A pic drew by a comrade of Yu Chann and WinterKnight’s Aoi Chann.

Distinctive Kamien Rider Belt on Aoi Chann and Magical Ring on Yu Chann.

Thanks to Arayden


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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3 Responses to Fan Art by Arayden KOGs

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Yu-chan is have bigger oppai than Aoi-chan? Isn’t Aoi-chan is have L and yu-chan is have M? Me is confused? ._.?

  2. Yu Chann says:

    lol… Yu Chann confused too. Maybe Aoi Papa never feed her enough milk.

  3. Alpha Machine says:

    Well Aoi Papa once went on about Escalayer Milk….

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