A day out shooting in town with Papa… =3

Yippie!! Its Saturday again. Papa promise to bring Yu Chann out so we are heading to town. Packing our stuff and we both can head out. We are going to the city area. XD

Argg… need to check the stuff to bring. Camera… checked, Lens and Hood… checked, Extra battery…. hmm..mm.. think i’ll just bring the battery grip. Tripod and bag… checked. Yeah!! All ready to go. Heard Uncle Davie and the friends from Photo & Co are coming along too.

Finally after a long drive we’ve reach. Its a sunny day out *Yeah* Yu Chann loves the sun =P

Wow… this place is so huge! Yu Chann feels so little in the big city. Everyone passing by is looking at me. Some even took out their camera and took my photo. They say Yu Chann is so cute… *Blush*

Yu Chann spotted a tall structure. Papa says its the Singapore Memorial. Its to remember those sacrisfied in the past war. *pray pray* >_<“

Hmm..m…mm.mm.. there are some nice flowers over there. Yu Chann wanna get nice photos.

*Snap Snap* so pweettiee!!

More over there…

Hmm..mm…. think Yu Chann will use my Tripod…

*Peace* Yu Chann got a Macro shot… ahh

Papa says, we will move to another location… So Yu Chann walk together and head on.

(Picture taken by Davie Chai from Photo & Co Group)

Yu Chann and Papa have reached Malay Village near Bugis. Yu Chann pose to let Papa take a pic.

Hehe now its my turn… *Snap Snap*

And ohh… this is Uncle Davie… *Snap Snap* lolx XD

lolx…. A candid shot

Sun is almost setting, Papa say we will pack up and go. Hes gonna go grab a Gakken Flex TLR. lolx… maybe Yu Chann will get to play with it kekeke.. =D

*While on the way walking back* Papa Papa….. emmm…emmm….. emmm *giggles* Can I have a flash unit for my camera… *oops* =3

Papa: dot… dot…. dot…….

Ahhhh…. its been a long day.

Papa let me hold on to his new toy. And Natsuki chan came over to check on the huge box that I am holding.. lolx

Wahahaha…. I am so happy my neko ears are popping out. I get to play with Papa’s new toy =P

Natsuki chan jumped in to steal a place in the picture….

Bye Bye le… see everyone next week for more adventures =D


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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15 Responses to A day out shooting in town with Papa… =3

  1. bunbun says:

    aww~~ so sweet~~~ love the pics especially where u both are holding hands X3

  2. Sasara-chan says:

    How come Yu-chan’s camera is have lens hood mine is no have? ._.?

  3. Kotobuki Aoi says:

    Yu-chan! you is most blessed DD ever! got such a nice papa XD

  4. Frozensky says:

    woot, nice one. envy, got new toy. Yu chan photoshoot skills not bad. papa must have put a lot effort in teaching her.

  5. Megu-Chun says:

    Yu-chan takes such nice shots. Where you get your backpack?

  6. OtakuDepot says:

    I really love your posts, seeing Yu-Chann out with all her gear taking photos is just adorable. Do you mind if I ask where you got the tripod? I frequently post at dollfiedreamscom and a few fellow photographers were curious where it was from. I’d love to get one for my girls.

    Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

    • Yu Chann says:

      Hi James,
      I hand made the tripod. I aquire carbon fiber tubes from model hobby shops and glue them together. 4mm carbon rod, in 6mm carbon tube, in 8mm Carbon tube. So i get a 3 stage real carbon fiber tripod… lolx. The Manfrotto print is a decal print i did on my computer.

      Thanks for visiting the site!!

      • OtakuDepot says:

        Wow, that’s great! After seeing the great work you did on your girls house I suspected that you may have even built the tripod. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the information.


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