Imouto Visit

It was another beautiful Sunday and early in the morning, Natsuki was watching anime in the living room when suddenly… there was a hi.s…s…ss….. sound. Natsuki tot it was coming from the TV set but….

She thought it was her imagination… but it happened again….!!! And she got pissed off. However she was also scared.

So she shouted for me….

I was wondering what went wrong and came down…

She pointed to a long black bag and said that there was a hissing sound that came from it.

Both of us was puzzled as well as curious… What should we do? Natsuki told me that it was coming from the bag Papa brought home yesterday. We decide to explore by throwing stuff at it to see if it hisss again!!

Ended up we found some Mahjong tiles…*hiak hiak hiak*


We didn’t realise that something was coming our way….!!!!!

*Slurp* A giant snake licked Natsuki chan…. *sweat>_<”*

Both of us were terrified by this Giant snake we jumped back to the other end of the room*Kyaaaaaa!!!!*

Someone shouted from the Black Bag from below…

Ahhh…. It was Aoi chan!! What was she doing in that bag?? Ohh… must have been WinterKnight Nii san left her with Papa.

Aoi chan shouted: “Stop”

“HIBI!!….You Insolent Reptile!! Stop scaring my nee san and get back here~”

Aoi: Were you girls the ones who were throwing things at me!!! Hur!!
Yu Chann: Emmm…m..m….m… Sorry Aoi didn’t know it’s you.
Natsuki: Sorry Aoi nee san…

Aoi: Finally I get to see what kinda place you are living in. This place is kinda neat~

Yu Chann: Hey let’s all take a seat.
Aoi: Well… I think we better put HIBI else where. I don’t want her to get into trouble and ended up as a snake patty/grilled/BBQ.
Yu Chann: Well we can take him upstairs. It’s still under renovation, there is only a wardrobe up there.

*Argg…. HIBI sure is heavy*

Aoi: Yeah… He is a lazy bum.

Natuski: I’ll help from downstairs ok…

HIBI is really long too…


Finally we got him up to level 2… argg its so hard work.
Papa came home. He is surprise that Aoi chan is already out of the bag. And he said he is bring us all out for dinner and gonna send Aoi back to Winterknight nii san. Oh well… at least Aoi Imouto gets to check out our place.

Dedicated to Winterknight:
My little Imouto, she looks as if she is always pissed but shes not so. She is actually a very kind hearted sister. Soo……
If you look close enough, or maybe when I am around… she do smile at times. Do you see what I mean??

(Credit to WinterKnight for Aoi and Bakaboi/Mizu for artwork add-ons. No Dolls /snake were harmed in the making =3)


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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7 Responses to Imouto Visit

  1. chun says:

    Aoi chan looks cute smiling too! Wonder if Volks will consider making a smiling Aoi 😛

    • Yu Chann says:

      lol… yeah, who knows there will be a Aoi limited edition that shes smiling all the way. Then thats it for WinterKnight… hes gonna burst his pocket lol =3

  2. Sasara-chan says:

    Aoi-nee is a 蛇姫。

    Is the 2nd floor a new renovation? Last time is don’t have?

  3. Avan says:

    I wish I could bring Tamane to visit ^^

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