Puppy FanClub Meet

It was a lazy Saturday morning when Papa came in and hand over a package to me. It was from Chun Nee san.

Ahhh…. It was the Jeans I had long waited for. Oh wait… There seems to be something else in there.

Hmm..mmm… They look like PuppyButtons. A bunch of them. There is a note attached to it.

“Dear Yu Chann, Thank you for waiting up so long for the Jeans. Hope you like them. I have also send some buttons, please give some out to the rest of the gang who have been great fans over the years.”

“Actually, I have finished my message. However, knowing that you having the habit of reading materials right in front of your face, you probably look like a kawaii pig head now… lolx. Thats all for ya. Take Care…”

Hmm..mm… Lets see, these are the PuppyButtons.

They are CUTE!!!! Pink And Baby Blue!!! Both my Favourite colors :3

*Look Left* nobody….

*Look Right* nobody….

*Swooohhhh…. hides* heh heh….

Now… lets try on my new jeans.
Hmm.mm.. I remember there’s a pink belt here somewhere I can match with my top…

Ahh… There it is. Let me try loop it over….

Wow!! These Jeans are so comfortable… I can move soo freely =D

And they look real Cool as well….

Papa…. *twist* look at my new jeans!! I will be meeting the girls later to hand out some buttons. Papa, you are going to Red Cross to do some donation right?

Here we are at Red Cross House. Yu Chann waited outside while Papa went in for donation. Nee san at the counter says dolls are not allow to go into the premises.
Finally… I made it to the meet up. Everyone was waiting. It was a Puppy Fanclub Meet.
ChunLi, Aoi, Tomomi and Yoko was waving back at Yu Chann

Mashiro is here too……

Ayuki too….. She had also brought a Fanart.

YuYu and her sister is also here… They have this huge fanart that Chun Nee san had drawn about 10 Years Back.

Needless to say… The Trio, lolx. Yu Chann, Yuki Chan and Aoi Chan in Chun Nee san’s clothings…

Finally… Our group pic….

This posting is dedicated to an old friend in a far away land. Just wanna get one simple message across.
“Thou you may be far away, People back here…. We Still Remember You!!” Thanks for remembering US, and the nice little buttons too Chun!!!


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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7 Responses to Puppy FanClub Meet

  1. chun says:

    That Ahmin image is so old LOL thanks for the photos! And thanks for distributing the buttons ^^;/ Looks like Yu chan and everyone had fun ^o^! Ottsukaresama~!

  2. Spark90 says:

    Oh that’s so awesome! I wish I could join in on one of these meets someday, sadly I missed out on a lot of Singapore trips recently :/

  3. SephoRa says:

    eh? when was this~ ^_^?

  4. Heather says:

    0_0 … I want to join the puppy fanclub!!!

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