There was this night while I was resting in bed, I heard some noises coming from below. As the sound got louder, I couldn’t help it but want to go check things out. It looks like there’s something really going on down there?!?!

Oh WAIT!!! … Could it be that Giant Hebi again!! (-__-)” This time I am prepared, I knew I kept it here somewhere. Ahh… Got it! =D

Now to check out whats going on….

SFX: *Click… *

*Om nom nom nom nom……..*

FREEZE!!!! What are you doing stealing food from my house fridge!!

Aoi: *Shock!!* Hur!! Yikes!!

STOP!! Nee San…. its me! AOI!!!

SFX: *Click… on the lights*

Yu Chann: What are you doing ransacking my house fridge in the Middle of the NIGHT??

Aoi: You see…. I …. I….I ran away from home =(

Yu Chann: NOW… You better explain this. You have got a lot of explanation to do. Shoot! I am listening.

Aoi: Emm…mm… Papa has been combing my hair too much Gramps got angry. His results ain’t that good either. I just want to go away for awhile so that he can have more time for his studies…

Yu Chann: *sigh…. Picks up Mobile phone and send Yuki Chan a message*

“Hey Yuki, we’ve got a situation here. Aoi’s over at the Fujiwara’s. It’s a complicated situation”


Yuki: Ohayo Yu Chann… What happened last night? What happen to Aoi Chan?

Yu Chann: Its a little complicated to talk over the phone.. sigh.

Yuki: Ok.. I will come over right away.

SFX: An Hour Later

Yu Chann: Yuki, since you are here. Try to talk some sense into Aoi.

Yuki: I think its better to get her outside for some fresh air, I don’t think she feels good about it too. And we can talk about once we are out…

Yuki: Aoi Chan dont be sad okie.

Yu Chann: Meanwhile I’ll go get change….

Yu Chann: Okie, I am done… Lets go

~Out in the park~

Yu Chann: Aoi… Have some time for yourself and think things through. I think your Papa must be worried sick.

Yuki: Does KC nii san knows Aoi is with us?

Yu Chann: Yeah.. She left a note. Papa told me he contacted KC nii san and told him Aoi is safe here and ask him not to worry. It is hard to understand but I think Aoi wants KC nii san to concentrate on his studies.

Yuki: Well… its been hard on her you know. Do you think you can let her stay over for some period time?

Yu Chann: Well… Since Natsuki’s away, there’s space I suppose. Fujiwara house has turned into Fujiwara Hostel… no! Fujiwara Doll Shelter… lolx as long as she don’t completely wipe out my favorite Banana Split Ice-cream I am fine with it.

Yuki: lolx

SFX: In Aoi’s mind… *Papa…. You must be worried. Aoi knows Aoi’s been a bad girl for running away. But its for your good.

Have you been studying hard?

Have you cause any problems in school?

You need to stop playing JuBeat and concentrate on your exams.

You need to put away your game cards and study more.

And you need to comb Aoi’s hair less often…

Aoi’s suffering from pre-mature hair loss =(

And dont make Gramps angry okie*

Papa… Aoi wanna see you soon too… But meanwhile, study hard!! Ganbatte Papa!!

Yuki: Look at her, she emoing…

Yu Chann: Sigh… Shes growing up… Becoming more sensible I guess.

Yuki: Let’s get her out of here. Get her to somewhere with a lot of people.

Yu Chann: Actually I’ve been invited to S.O.Y.C. today. They got me a Media Pass

Yu Chann: Hey Aoi, let’s go to S.O.Y.C. I think the girls are there too. We wont tell the rest about your problem.

Aoi: Well… okie.

Yu Chann: Finally here… See? Heres the pass…. lets go in.

Yuki Chann: There is so many people out here!!

Aoi: Where do we start to look?

Yu Chann: BIG BAD WOLF spotted!… Run!!

Yuki: Kamien Rider spotted!!

Aoi: Nice plushie over there!! Aoi wants!! Yuki: Aoi… your papa’s not here to buy for you.

Yu Chann: Oh see… there’s a Dragon over there!!

Yu Chann: Look…. Its them, the S.O.Y.C. Help Japan Campaign. Everyone should go Donate some. Aoi: But Aoi has got no money. Yuki: Aoi… now you know eh? Be it Dolls or Children… when you run away, you will have no food, no shelter, no money for the things you want. You are lucky Yu Chann take you in… Think again about it.

Yu Chann: Kirino spotted… The girls are there. Lets go join them.

Yu Chann: Say Cheeze everyone!! *Click*

After the event, everyone went home.

Yu Chann: Aoi… You can stay, but don’t go snacking in the middle of the night again!

Aoi: Okie.

But later in the night……

Yu Chann: *Sleeping above *Wahahahaha…. =p


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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11 Responses to RunAway

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Poor Aoi2-chan. I hope she gets to go home soon after uncle KC’s exams. 😦

    Btw Yu-chan, I is can have the black dragon as pet? I is catch with pokeball?

    • Yu Chann says:

      lol Sasara-chan, Black Dragon is gone… Went back to Pokeball. Maybe you will get to see Black Dragon soon is DollAffair 2011. You can try catch him there =P

  2. Megu-Chun says:


    Aoi looks so sad there. Nice of Yu-chann to take of her.

    *Goes off to find Red eyes black dragon*

  3. Tomomi says:

    Naughty Aoi-chan stealing food =3

  4. Yuki-chan says:

    Hehehe.. It’s hard to out-smart Yu Chann. =p

    Ganbatte KC nii san! Don’t worry about Aoi, As you can see, she’s in very good hands.

  5. death__decay says:

    Zzzzz….. AoiI-chan~

  6. SephoRa says:


    kc, exam wa ganbatte~

    @aoi, late night snacking~? lol

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