My 1st Birthday – Fujiwara Yukino Birthday Special

It was a wonderful morning today. I was busy packing my bed when Aoi came up to me.

Aoi: Nee san lets get changed..we are meeting the girls today.
Yu chann: Hur? Why are you in the Infinite Stratos uniform?
Aoi: Papa sent me a change of clothes, and it was this uniform.

Yu chann: Where are we going?

Aoi: just get changed, I will wait for you downstairs….

Yu chann: Okie, I am done… Ready to go?

Aoi: Hur? Why are you bringing along so many books?


Aoi: Dollfie Dream for Dummies?!?!? What the………!!

Yu chann: We are meeting the girls right? I just want to distribute these. They are my edition you know?image

Aoi: No, you leave them here. We will be so busy we wont have time to do that. Your Papa said I have to get you there fast. Within an hour I get a set meal. Within 2 hours I get 2 Donuts =3~ *Drools*

Aoi: And I need to blind fold you.

Yu chann: Hur? Why blind fold? Anyway… okie~image

~After A Car Ride~

Over in a resturant. The blind fold was taken off. Right in front of my eyes, I saw Sasara chan…


Yu chann: *Gasp!!* Ahh… ! What a Surprise!!!image

Chun Li: Hey Yu Chann HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Heres a present for you~image

YuYu: Nee san, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you~ Wish you all the best in everything you do.image

Yuki chan: Happy Birthday Yu chann~(^.^)”image

Yoko chan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yu Chann. I rushed back from Hunting to attend your surprise party!!^^;image

*Heh… More pressie*image

Wow so many had turn up. Sasara, YuYu and Misaka image

Aoyama Aoi.image


Chun Li and Tomomi.image

Kotobuki Aoi and Chiyoimage


Lash and Yoko.image

Well… Pre celebration Group Photo.image




Yuki chan: Feeling Hungry… Can we eat now?image

Saber.A: Lily… What are you doing with that Baseball bat?

Lily: Oh… I wanna bash a cake after the celebration.(^^)”image

Louise: *Happy* Nee san gave me a Balloon… weeeee!image


Yu Chann: Awwww… so many turn up today. Papa really gave me a surprise!!image

YuYu: Its your big day.. Of cos we will come :3image


Yu Chann: What a surprise!! A Puppy Cake…. *Blush!!*image

~lol… looks like Puppy’s taking a Smoking break~image



Its time… Everyones been waiting. The Cake cutting ceremony begins.. *Sing Birthday Song.*image



Yu Chann: On My Birthday… I will make a Wish. And its… its… I am not gonna tel you all. Hahaha =3image


Aoi: Chiyo, how come you got a bigger slice den me?!?! hur hur?image


Yuki chan: Can we eat yet?image


Aoyama Aoi: Grrr… How come my Papa never celebrate my 1st birthday for me? Grrr…









Lily: Finally… Its my turn. I’m gonna bash the Cake. Wahahahaha!!image

After the Party

~Out In the Park~

The girls went to take some photosimage








*Take a drop*  falls into the bush… Ahhh, this is the best Birthday ever. Thanks Papa ❤image

~Back at Home~

*Mobile Phone Beeps* Its a Picture message…

Yu Chann: Ahhh… Its Cus Mirin. She sent a Birthday message!!image

Yu Chann: Cuz, Its so sweet of ya. (Thank You Chun Nee san and Cuz Mirin)image

~A Year Ago~

I know I am leaving the shop, I am leaving the country too. I am going to Singapore… What kind of Papa/Mama will I get? No…. I am a lucky girl. I am Glad I found Papa because he dotes on me so much ❤ *Hugz* image


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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14 Responses to My 1st Birthday – Fujiwara Yukino Birthday Special

  1. Megu-Chun says:

    Happy birthday Yu-Chann~~~

  2. bananachipz says:

    Happy Birthday Yu chann!! Hope your house gets bigger =3

  3. ethan82 says:

    Happy Birthday little one~

  4. Mizu says:

    Happy Birthday Yu Chann! You really are a lucky girl. ^_^

  5. chun says:

    awwww Happy Birthday Yu chan 🙂 I’m really happy that she’s so loved XD I should ask my husband for a Puppy cake HAHAHA

  6. Sasara-chan says:

    Happy Birthday Yu-chann. I is hope you is like the present? It is from my own collection. ^_^

  7. Alpha Machine says:

    Sorry lil’ one, I’ve to finish my little session. I’ll have to make up for it someday… =3=

    But Happy belated birthday lol.

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