Yay!! Yu Chann’s going to Hong Kong(Pre Dollism Plus 6)

Tomorrow’s the day. Papa’s bringing Yu Chann to Hong Kong to meet everyone in Dollism Plus 6. Hmm..mm.. wonder what clothes should I bring?image

2. Papa Papa, you think I should bring this along as well?

Papa: As you wish, you might not want to bring too much as you will be buying more in Hong Kong.image

3. Okie~ Think I will just bring these. Oh ya I better check with Sasara Chan~ (Heh Heh Heh Papa say I can “BUY Clothes”)image

4. *Click* Dialing to Sasara Chan ~ image

5. SFX *Ring… Ring Ring…. Ring*image

6. Hmm..mm.. Wonder if she is busy packing as well?!?!image

7. Oh… Its Yu Chann Calling. I think she cant decide what to wear again… lol As usual ^_^”image

8. Hey Sasara Chan, I wonder if you are packing up loads to Hong Kong? Papa told me not to bring so much as we will be going shopping there. How’s your packing going on?image

9. Oh ya!!! I am going to travel light… I just got a few of clothes in a carrier bag that’s all. And there is news that Storm expected so you better bring a sweater to keep yourself warm. I have got one myself too.image

10. Okie… I have got one. I was planning to bring it along too.image

11. Yes, please do. Hey~ I talk to you again… Still have stuff to pack. I see you at the Air-port tomorrow.image

12. Ahh… I guess I will wear these tomorrow. Top and Jeans from Chun nee san. And also this white sweater. I think I better go grab my backpack and pack up my camera.image

13. Hmm..mm.. I guess there will be lotsa nice photos to take in this trip. Will get to meet everyone too. I am getting so excited.image

14. Look… This is a dry-box made by Papa. He says I am always placing my camera all over the place. Now that I have this, my camera will always be here.image

15. Well… I guess I wont bring the tripod as it cant fit into my suitcase.image

16.  Look~ its a 24-105mm L with ET-83image

17. Argg…. This bag cant really fit well anymore after I got the battery grip. Its taking up so much space but I need the battery life as I am going for a trip.image

18. Now… I need to fit these pressies in. Its the 1st time Yu Chann’s meeting the friends in Hong Kong.image

19. *Grins* Ahh… looks like this will do. Lets see if I can close this.image

20. Yeah!! All done…. *Victory* I wonder how Sasara Chan is doing?image

21. Emm…mm..mm… Wallet, Checked, Passport, Checked, PSP, Checked, Camera, Checked….. anything else~image

22. Special Thanks to Gordonator for letting Sasara to participate in this entry. Also to Unaru Okami for the illustration of Sasara (from the web.) And Last but not least Chun for making fabulous cloths for Yu Chann!! *Big Hugg*image


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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15 Responses to Yay!! Yu Chann’s going to Hong Kong(Pre Dollism Plus 6)

  1. Heather says:

    She’s adorable, I can’t wait to see what adventures befall her on her trip!

  2. Sasara-chan says:

    See you tomorrow Yu-chan! ^_^

  3. chun says:

    Have a wonderful trip!!!

  4. Megu-chun says:

    Have fun. Take lots of pictures.

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