My Hong Kong Tour Log.(Includes Hong Kong Tour and Dollism Plus 6 and Hong Kong Doll Meet in Maid Cafe)

1. Finally back home. Its been a wonderful trip to Hong Kong and I got to meet up with Comrades around the world and also made many new friends at Dollism Plus 6. Thanks to the local organizer and also Natalie from Dollfie World who let me join in the display booth. Not forgetting TonyBSD and gang who brought us around. Nevertheless, Yu Chann is still the adventurous girl who ran about the place. Hong Kong streets, Cable Car, The Peak, Sky100, Ocean Park and much much more…

But then, there is no place like home. My bed, my smelly pillow, my pet Sharky etc etc… (Not that I missed them, because lolx I brought them all to Hong Kong with me XD )

2. Argg… I am dead tired, but looking at the luggage!!! It looked so stuffed as if its gonna explode~ =3

3. Well…. Better let it loose and get some cleaning done before Papa nags again.

4. *Kaboom* ohhh…. nooo…. Who Turn off the lights!!!

5. zzzz…. everything just flew out of the compartment. Duhh… expected, so many stuff were squeezed into there.

6. Oh here’s my camera. Hope its not damaged… Let me try to turn it on and check.

7. Ahh… It seems to be ok. This is the photo taken in the Airport with Sasara nee-sanGordonator before depart for Hong Kong. *Continues to scroll*

8. This is the photo taken with Mashiro-chan(Daughter of TonyBSD) at the Hong Kong Doll Meet in a Meido Cafe.

9. This is a group photo taken in the Meido Cafe with the Meido nee-san. Hope she’s doing well. She was so fascinated to see us all there.

10. Think I better start packing. Things are all over. After packing, I can start to look through the photos and sort them out.

11. *Finding way up to the stairs*

12. Gotta plan what to do next after… Papa’s fallen sick, Yu Chann’s gonna do my own posting I think?!?!

13. Seems Papa have already place the mattress back. Gotta move them so I can flip the bed. I need to use the desk for now.

14. Finally done. Moved the dry box up too. The camera need some maintenance too after the trip. Lets see…. What do i need to prepare?

15. Got my Macbook Air, Canon DSLR, Olympus Penn and the extension cord… What els do I need? Seems to have forgotten something?

16. Ok… set the camera charging.*click* Lets keep the Lens in the Dry Box.

17. Now, time to boot up. Lets see what do I have in the cameras.

18. lolx… its my picture taken in the Airplane. Its taken by an iPhone so will need a few adjustments on the lightings.

19. Ok… lets get things started. On the night of departure, I was at the air-port waiting for Sasara-chan.

20. Finally Sasara Chan arrive.

21. Then we went to the check-in counter to register ourselves.

22. Not long after, we boarded the plane. Sasara nee-san went back to the bag as her Papa want her to get some rest. So I am left alone in the plane. Papa let me have the window seat to I can have a good view of the open.

23. To my surprise, Megumi Chan’s seat is just beside me. So we checking the surrounding with curiously. As this is the 1st time we are boarding in a plane openly.

24. Not long after, she got tired and decided to rest. Oh well… I’m glad I brought my mp3 player along so I sat down and listen to music for the rest of the journey. After then I K.O. too and Papa gotta carry me out of the plane. When I woke up, we were already at the hostel.

25. ((Day 1)) Exploring the Hong Kong Street and the visit to SKY100.

I woke up to a nice can of Ice-cold Sapporo. Too bad Papa says I am still a kid and do not allow me to drink.

26. Ahh…. 1st day on Hong Kong street. It really look like it was in the Drama. The people on the streets, the over sized signboards hanging off. They were so pretty and colorful. Cant help it but to notice the huge KFC signboard. Its the 1st fast food restaurant I come across in Hong Kong. I was expecting to See Mac Donalds.

27. We continue walking, as we move on, the crowd gets heavier. Really reminds me of the after working hour office crowd.

28. Ahh… Now now I see a Mac Donalds fast food. Heard of people talking of the legendary Mc Pork as in Hong Kong, Mac Donalds is not Halal. I will make sure I get to try it.

29. Our destination is Sky100. It is located at 100/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is the tallest attraction for tourist night viewing and is able to see the entire city. The lift is pretty fast, there are LCD pannels on the roof that shows out progress to the top.

30. Before we knew it, we already reached level 100th. It is 393m above sea level and it only took us 30secs.

31. There to welcome us is a litted up walkway. On the see through ground, we can see the scale model of the cityscape.

32. It is so interesting. And so amazing to built everything to this scale.


34. As we move on, the signboard of Sky100 welcomes us.

35. One glance out to the city… It was breathtaking. The colorful lights from the building were so beautiful.


37. The streets, the lights from the cars… We can see everything clearly from here.

38. Right opposite us is the Victoria Harbour… We can have a clear view of all.

39. Everything seems so beautiful.


41. After the visit, we head back in the MTR to TST. Along the way back, Illya and I caught a couple of shot on the street. Under the colorful lights on Hong Kong.

42. Illya looking on to the streets.


44. ((Day 2)) To Lantau Island we go. On the cable car ride to see the Giant Buddha.

On the second day, we woke up to the favorite fast food or all times. But we were there to test out something that we do not get back home. Macaroni breakfast set with cheese pork sausage and Hash brown.(My apologies to the Muslim friends)

45. Arayden nii-san ordered the famous Mc Pork and Pork Sausage Mc Muffin in which the Papa also ate.(My apologies to the Muslim friends) Our “stand-in” Ethan sama also gave us a big wow on the 2 mouth watering burgers.

46. After breakfast we head on to the streets and further travel by MRT to Lantau Island.

47. We have chosen to travel up by the cable car and there were a long queue at the cable car station. Nevertheless there was good order at the station. WS and WK nii-san took out their camera and started shooting. Illya also came out of her doll bag.

48. Finally it was about our turn. Thou the queue was long but service were fast.

49. Soon, we left the cable car station. We get a good view of the station from above.

50. As we move on, the cabin climb higher and higher. We could see the far and wide. The scenery was amazing.


52. At one point, we could see Hong Kong Airport to our right. I could even see the Aircraft taking off and landing.

53. On the other side, we could see the settlement and buildings below.

54. As we climb higher. We could see the other cabins disappeared into the clouds… wow! this is so exciting =3

55. When we got close, we could not see anything but all white mist around us. When the mist starts to clear, we could catch a glimpse of the Giant Buddha from far.

56. Finally, arrival to the destination. The air up here is fresh can clean.

57. Everyone got together and had a group pic. From Left to Right Christabel’s mummy, Tim nii-san, Michelle nee-san, Christabel nee-san & Illya, WK nii-san, WS nii-san, Arayden nii-san, Papa, Gordon nii-san, Sephora nii-san and Elsie nee-san.

58. We moved on. Took a break at one of the restaurant to have a drink. There was a commotion outside.  I went out to have a look, it was some Shao Lin Wushu on display.

59. We moved on towards the direction of the southern sky gate. Illya was taking a piggy-back ride on WS nii-san.

60. Finally we have reached.

61. From below, we can see a long stretch of stairs leading to the top. Argg… its gonna be tough. lol… =P I can piggy ride on Papa too.

62. Michelle nee-san, Elsie nee-san and Sephora nii-san stop to take a pic.

63. Finally at the peak!! This is the sight… The Giant Buddha. *pray pray*

64. Also surround the Giant Buddha, there were some celestial deity. They are all huge too. (compare to Yu Chann.)

65. Sight seeing…. everywhere around us seems to be covered in clouds. Are we in heaven?? =D

66. We left the place late afternoon and den head back to town for the rest of the day. As night falls, be begin to move back to hostel. Along the way, couldn’t help it but as Papa to grab a good shot of Yu Chann.

67. The streets were clearing. We head back along the same path as we see the Mc Donalds and KFC signboard. “Papa, one day Yu Chann wanna try the KFC too ok?”

68.*Grrr.r.r.r.rr….Hungry* arg, now I know what I forgot. Yu Chann forgot about dinner. Think I go grab a bite before continuing with the post.

69. Heh heh… back with some cream buns. Papa bought these back in Hong Kong in those Gashapon. Too bad only a few is available. The Gashapon machine were almost wipe empty  when Papa saw it. Till next time, Yu Chan will get more bread and buns.

70. ((Day 3)) Here we come Victoria Harbour. Hey Meido nee-san, is that your cafe?

We started the day by going to a noodle restaurant. The noodle there was good! Much better den the one we had the other day.

71. Later on we went by foot heading to the Victoria Harbour. Unfortunately it started to drizzle so Yu Chann went to take cover in the Doll Bag.

72. When we arrived, Yu Chann too a peep out. LOLx was wondering about the “CCB” on the bank signboard. Shii….. dont tell anyone okie xD

73. It was misty out here kinda cold after the rain. I asked Papa if I can come out and have a walk but he said “later girl”


75. What a Great scene!! Papa can I come out now?

76. Arg… there’s stil drizzle >_<”


78. Finally the rain has stopped… I hurried out to grab some shots.

79. Hope this is good enough. The wind is so strong I am rocking on the stand. 香港风好大啊!!

80. After we left the harbour, we head for Mong Kok. We are suppose to meet TonyBSD nii-san this evening for a Dinner.

81. The Streets of Mong Kok is as busy as ever. So many people, so much crowd. While waiting for time, we bought “The biggest chicken chop ever”

(Picture taken from WS nii-san’s page)

Nii-san got chicken chop. Yu Chann got cream bun… Om nom nom nom~

*Continues with my work* This photo was just taken before we met up with Tony nii-san.

83. Finally we got to meet up and headed for a Meido Cafe near by. Food there was nice and soon all of us jump out and raided the whole table. There were Yuki(Arayden), myself, Mashiro(TonyBSD), Megumi(WS), Sasara(Gordon), Illya(Christbel), Aoi(Winterknight), Mikuru(Coffeebug), Lily(Michelle), Lily(Sephora), Louise(Sephora) and Alter(Sephora)







90. It was not long when i begin to start shooting with my camera “Say Cheese” Yuki-chan…. *snap snap*





95. Especially love this. A photo with Hong Kong Delegate Mashiro-chan.

96. Its happen that among us was a Ero QB. Yu chann send Sharky… *Yukino Shark Attack!!!* Nom!!

96.1 lol… Everyone was laughting at it when Sharky nom the QB on the ear~

97. The war between the shark and the QB soon ended when Gundam Unicon stepped in. The Ero QB is under control.

98. YAY!! *Victory*

99. Finally the group photo. Meido nee-san joins us in the group photo.

100. Soon, we hit off to the street and head back.

101. Another day is over… Really had loads of fun today. The wind at the harbour was Woooot! The meet up at the Meido Cafe was fantastic. Thanks to TonyBSD nii-san for organizing. Gotta rest early today. Tomorrow is the real thing. Dollism Plus 6!!


102. ((Day 4)) The Ultimate, Dollism Plus 6. One heck of a day!!

We set off early in the morning. Our destination Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (九龍灣國際展貿中心). Before that, we meet up the Hong Kong Doll Group in Mac Donalds near the MTR station. Sasara Chan and Lily Chan stood together for photos as Gordon nii-san and Wolfhenrich nii-san exchange name cards.

103. After then we took a free shuttle service provided to our destination. As we approach, it become more and more crowded. I stood by the side looking all around me.

104. Just den, Sasara chan came by and we went exploring around.


106. Even before the event started, there were already a lot of people queuing.

107. Papa say I could go on on myself so i took my camera with me and started to have an adventure of my own.

108. By this time I already realize there many parents already let their daughters out.

109. I continue around shooting more photos.




113. Just den, I saw Lily, Sasara and Sakura. They saw me too and I offer to take a picture of them. Lily was kinda shy then.


115. As I continue, I notice many people noticed me and were so amazed i was exploring around on my own.

116. Finally the event started. When the door open, I was greeted with this.

117. Papa say the place is too crowded. To prevent me being stepped on he better piggyback me. YAY!! piggy back ride… (Not that I am lazy, but all I see are legs and more legs)













130. Finally I reach the Dollfie World Booth( Natalie nee-san was so kind to offer me a place on the display so I went up there. From there, i could see more and clearer and take more photos =D (Thank you Natalie)

So many like me came to this event. I see Saber Alter, Louise, Black Rock Shooter and so much so much more….. wow!!

131. And also Mashiro, Yuki and Natalie nee-san’s Tamaki~

132. Megumi chan (Neris)was so cute she stood there as if she’s at a loss of words… XD

133. And there I spotted one of them wearing a gown… So lovely.

134. Woot! Gundam Armour Yuki… So cool!!


136. Mirai Yuki chan and Lily chan were standing just below me. I was surprise Ryder chan also came.

137. Right beside I saw a beautiful Yuki chan, and also a very cute Miku chan.

138. I am glad everyone had fun.

139. There she was… Marisa and Neris chan. Together with a Dollfie Dream mama.

140. Aoi chan as usual.. had a gun with her.



143. Here I am, still holding on to my camera. Waiting for the chance to capture good shots.


























169. lol… Lily, Alter and Louise didnt manage to get a place on the booth as it was sooo packed so they went to a corner and started to have fun on their own. They did the sailor fuku dance!!! YAY!!





174. As event came close to the closing, the crowd begin to clear. I came down from the booth and started to shoot again.

175. To my surprise, everyone started to do “The Plank” lol. Oh well~ I was kinda tired then. I knew Papa brought my mattress and I ask for it. And so I join them…. However, they were planking but I was snoring away… hahahaha!
After the event, we were all so tired all of us collapsed and sleep all the way back to the hostel.

175.1 Raww!!! over 200 html codings!!! Damn =X oops!!

176. ((Day 5)) To the Ocean Park we go!!

As usual, breakfast, MTR and all the La La La Bla Bla Bla…. We can up to this cable car ride again but is heading for another direction. To the Ocean Park We Go!!

177. Another group shot taken by Papa.
From Left to right: Tim nii-san, Michelle nee-san, Sephora nii-san, Elsie nee-san, WS nii-san, Christbel nee-san and Christabel mummy, Arayden nii-san, WK nii-san, Gordon nii-san and Papa.

178. At the the center of the park, we were welcome by a giant fountain display. Beside it is a goodie shop selling Ocean Park souvenir.

179. This is the sight of the main entrance at the top of the park.

180. As we gather, Yu Chann took some photos.… Whats with WS nii-san’s face?

181. There were some Saru Plushie at the entrance of the souvenir shop. Kawaii~



184. After the souvenir shop, we head for somewhere very fun. Along the way, we spotted some African Cockatoo.

185. What is this fun ride? Its call “The Dragon” muahahahaha!!

186. This is a top view photo taken from the tour site.

187. It was a fun ride but after the ride, Christabel nee-san went “Geso.. Geso.. Geso.. Geso.. Geso.. ” as her legs turned jelly~ xD

188. Next was the Jelly fish Spectacular. This is a jellyfish display of various species.

189. Taken from the tourist web, this is during the time of the grand opening.








197. So pweeeetie!!



200. Papa, jelly looks yummie. Can I eat them!





205. Out of the Jelly Spectacular, we head on to another ride. Along the way, Yu Chann saw a busy bee on a flower and decided to take a shot.

206. Now, we reach this next ride call the Abyss!!!

207. Many bail out of the ride. But 6 brave men went along. They were WS nii-san, WK nii-san, Gordon nii-san, Tim nii-san, Arayden nii-san and Papa. According to after report, it was a “Oh My God, nice knowing you” hell of a ride… lolololol!!


209. Dat was it! Everyone had loads of fun, we pass by a cage and took some shots again.

210. We then head for the cable car and head down hill to the main entrance ready to head back. The view was great, we could see the entire park’s view from here.


212. Back at TST, we walk back the same way along the street. Megumi chan suggest photo taking. So we came out and get ready for shots.


214. Great to have a good shot with the Mac Donalds signage. I will always remember the Mc Pork.

214.1 *Tired… zzzzz~*

215. ((Last day in Hong Kong))

It was a tiring day yesterday. On the final day, we left the hostel early and move to town. On the way it rained again so Papa asked me to stay in the carrier. We went shopping in the nearby mall and to my surprise, we found a huge Lamborghini Reventon display in a Lamborghini Merchandise outlet. We went to take a close look but the model was a 1/4 scale so Yu Chann cannot fit into it. It was a “do not touch” display however store manager Ms Joey was so kind to let Illya to sit in it for a couple of shots.

216. In Exclusive Report from The Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino, Illya became the 1st known MDD Lamborghini Chick to be in a HKD40,000 full doll scale Reventon.

“Papa……. *want 1/3 =X*”

217. Special Thanks to Joey for the great pressie for Yu Chann!!

218. Special Thanks to Dollfie World
This photo credited to Winterknight aka Waikeat for his good work and also being a good guide while we were in Hong Kong.

219. And also to everyone who went to Hong Kong together. Tim & Michelle, Sephora & Elsie, Christabel & Mummy, WS, WK and last but not least Gordon and Arayden. Not forgetting Chun nee-san!!for all my pweetie clothes!!Puppy52Dolls

Also to: Natalie, Avan, Applepuff, TonyBSD, Coffeebugg, Quentine and Crimson. Its been GREAT!! meeting up you guys. Looking forward for another meetup soon!!

220. *oops!… fell asleep xD so embarrassing*
I think Papa came by with the jacket?!?!

221. Finally finished… lol now I know its a difficult task putting up a post. Yu Chann will not ever complain to Papa again. *Click*

About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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25 Responses to My Hong Kong Tour Log.(Includes Hong Kong Tour and Dollism Plus 6 and Hong Kong Doll Meet in Maid Cafe)

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t know Yu Chann has your own blog! I have to ask Lily to come visit you more often then! Great blog post~

  2. frozensky says:

    walao , 200 pics.phew ~. nice shots. underwater pics was beautiful. ^.^

  3. chun says:

    Nice report Yu chan! Great job! XD Looks like a lot of fun! 😀

  4. Hey Yu Chann! I didn’t know you have a blog all to yourself~ It was good meeting you in Hong Kong and hope to see you again~ Tosan was busy with a lot of stuff but he promised to take picture of the Dollfie Dream for Dummies guide as soon as he is able to~ /hugs /kisses

  5. stepswalker says:

    gorgeous pic & great works on the Dollfie accessories ^^
    I wish I can join u guys activities next time in HK
    btw, glad & nice to meet u @atakkhoo , @gordon_td8316 & other Dollfie friends from Singapore

    • Yu Chann says:

      Avan nii-san!! *Joy!!* Thanks for visiting Yu Chann’s little site. Since both person are here. Yu Chann will tell a little secret. More then a year ago, “someone” show Papa a lot of Dollfie Dream Photos. After then, Papa was like… “have to consider, have to consider. nice, nice” After that she send Papa a Youtube video link. lol….. ok , go, gonez, poisoned!! die die must get a daughter. That is how it lead to the birth of Yu Chann!! And these 2 person is non other den Chun nee-san and Avan nii-san(Its your Tama-nee video!!)

  6. Sasara-chan says:

    Wow this is a great coverage! Is seems just like yesterday that all these event are happening. ^^

  7. HimeBel says:

    Thanks for the lovely pictures Yu chann! I want to go HK with you again! ^_^

  8. Smithy says:

    Huge photo post is huge! XD
    Looks like you had an excellent trip to Hong Kong and had lots of fun with fellow DD owners! ^^

  9. Yu Chann says:

    Hahaha…. Thank You Smithy-san, Yu Chann had a wonderful trip but a big headache fixing the blog entry. lol =D

  10. Megu-Chun says:

    Pic 119!!!!!! I want those outfits!
    Hopefully I can visit my sifu’s hometown some day. You guys look like you have so much fun.

  11. yu-chan, good job on the post….

    here’s a shout out “hi” from me to all the pple we’ve met in hk too~! ^_^

    it was fun times in hk with u n ur papa~
    it was also nice to catch with u n ur papa on sat….
    looking forward to ur entry~! ^_^

    best regards,

  12. coffeebugg says:

    Excellent coverage. Now I must get to working on Dollism post. XD

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