Together We Celebrate(Singapore National Day August 9th 2011)

1. *Whistle* …. Oh!! Why is my alarm beeping?!?!

2. Oh My!!! Today is the 9th of August National Day. And I am suppose to meet the girls for a National Day Celebration before I go to the National Day Parade. Kekeke… I got special Doll Media Pass to enter. =D

3. Better get things ready FAST!!

4.… Here’s my P.E. Tee. Think I just go with Chun nee-san’s jeans. They match well with any top.

5. Om nom nom nom… *RUSH* gonna be late. Arggg!

6. Oh ya… There are many thing to carry!!!…m…. Papa Papa *wink* hehehe… I got “Papa Express”

7. Papa drove me to the Floating Platform along the Esplanade. I hurried and change and Join in with the rest of the girls.

8. Saber Alter came…

9. Sasara nee-san too…

10. Saber Lily and Louise too…

11. And not forgetting Chun Li.

12. Today we are so happy to have Mayu-chan… She’s always busy but glad she can make it today.

13. By this time, Airi-chan had already start practicing by herself.

14. Look whose here too. Its Chiyo~

15. Ahhh… Cute little Konomi is also here!!!

16. lol… We were all fooling around before begining. The suns so strong Airi’s hiding under the umbrella…

17. YAY!! Louise..

18. The flag’s flying…. Here’s my Victory sign!!

19. We move on to the Youth Olympic Signage and gather for some photos. Spot Alter and her sexy pose~ *Drools*


21. *Drools*


23. We head on to the water front… The wind here is great!!

24. Chun Li is here enjoying herself with the cheerleaders!

25. And here’s Chiyo and Airi. *Chiyo Waves*

26. Alter and Lily… Lily gives a Salute to me… Hahaha she’s joking I think.

27. We get ready for a group picture. Later on we need to get a nice National Flag Photo for the celebration.

28. YAY!! A nice one… (HDR)

29. Ok… Everyone, this is what we have been waiting for.


30. After the shoot, I went for the National Day Parade. Ther rest of them went back as they do not have the entry pass. Eh?!?!?! spotted someone. Wonder who is that?!?!

31.1 *wooot?!?!*

31.2 Huh?!?! Why is that nee-san looking at me?

31. Soon the parade started. The F-15s fly pass us. Wooooooo!!!

32. And there were CH-47 Chinook….

33. Look at those Marine speed boats!!

34. Wow… this year they bring out the marine rescue helicopter.

35. Soon the Helicopter bring in the a National Flag. *Salute Salute*

36.1 lol… The little purple hair girl is also watching from far…

36. Ah… the band matched in. Sephora nii-san spotted. He is the center guy nearest to us. Wahahaha…. tio snipe =D

37. Wow… This is the first time Yu Chann come to the parade. Its so interesting.

38. The sky is turning dark. The lights were turn on one by one.


40. *Bring out camera* hehe.. Yu Chann wann take photo of Hanabi later.


41.1 YAY!! Hanabi started…!!! Wooo wonder if the little purple hair girl isĀ  enjoying herself?

42.1 Argg,,,, What!!!! !@#$%^&*



44. Event has ended… It was a wonderful one. Yu Chann really enjoyed myself….

Credit Note:

Thanks to all who participate in the shoot. And also the unnamed doll(Al Azif by Ethan)
Happy National Day to all~~


About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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5 Responses to Together We Celebrate(Singapore National Day August 9th 2011)

  1. chun says:

    looks like Yu chan and company had a wonderful time celebrating National day ^o^ Nice pix! Goot jobu~

  2. coffeebugg says:

    Oooh~! PE uniform and Bloomers FTW!!

  3. coffeebugg says:

    PE Uniforms and bloomers FTW~!

    • Yu Chann says:

      lol… Nii-san, theres more to come. Only 1/2 the group is there. If you notice the number on their PE Tees. Looking forward to create more creative entries for everyone!!

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