Natsu Matsuri 2011

OP: Natsu Matsuri 2011 Singapore held on 20th August 2011. At Singapore Japanese School in Changi. On this day, I went to the event together with many Comrades…. And the story continues.. =3

1. Today is the 2oth August, I will be meeting many Comrades at the event. I have been saving this this Special Yukata for this day. Yeah!… Special Paw Paw Yukata by Chun nee-san. She even attach a doddle of me in the package. =D

2. Look!! This is it…. So many Paw Paw prints… Yu Chann LOVES it!! Me gonna put it on now and go to the Natsu Matsuri event.

3. Woo Weeee!!! This is sooo cool! Feels nice and comfy, don’t feel warm at all. Yu Chann can run around freely with this.

4. Heh heh…. When I got the package, I told Papa I want a Puppy Mask just like the one in Chun nee-san’s doddle!! Papa made me one. Thanks! Papa~~ ❤

5. *Grins* lol… Do I look the same as in the picture?? Hahaha better get going, Papa’s waiting in the car.

6. (On The Move) lol… 1st time showing my picture in the car. Papa say its dangerous to “Shoot and Drive”. Papa says “Drink and Drive” is OK, but NO alcohol!!

7. Finally reach the school. There are people everywhere!! Argg… Better be careful dont get stampeded over. Lets look for the rest.

8. Ahh… Spotted the girls… From left Yui, Chiyo, Tamakin and Seiris.

9. YAY! Strike a pose… Take a pic first~~

10. The girls seems to be enjoying… Everyone’s taking photos.

11. “Woof” lolx… Just showing the view of the puppy mask.!

12. The sky is nice and clear today. Thank god weather is good today.

13. Tamakin-Chan

14. Chiyo-Chan

15. Seiris-chan

16. Ahh… Nanoha-chan is here. Psss…. Nanoha-chan, wanna go play?? All of them saying its too warm they don’t feel like moving an inch.

17. Nanoha: Okie After this picture let go run about =D

18. Yu Chann: There’s so many people around at the bottom, lets go down.

Nanoha: Yeah!! There’s a empty patch there. Let go there!

19. Wow… Everyone is looking at us….


21. Nanoha: Pss…. Psss a nii-san coming with a camera. Yu Chann: lol… The dark dark nii-san? Dat’s Papa’s friend. Nanoha-chan, is he your type…lololol?




25. Yu Chann: *Giggles*

26. Nanoha’s blushing… xP


28. Wooooo…. I bunch of nee-san surround us and take picture. They were commenting us saying we are Kawaiiii!!


30. Yu Chann: Hey… Nanoha-chan you wanna go run about check out the Games section?
Nanoha: Nope, I am heading back up already.

Yu Chann: Okie… I will go for a quick look. Be back soon.

31. Its so nice here, the sun is setting. The stage people are getting ready for performance.



34. Look… Here’s the water balloon fishing corner. Yu Chann wanna come back later. But for now gonna go back to the booth.

35. Finally back. Sasara-chan came too… Better have some nice shots before sunset. lol… I can’t bring my DSLR here, but i had my Olympus Pen with me. Nothing can stop Yu Chann from taking photos… =D

36. *Click Click*

37. *Click Click*

38. lol… Nee-san shoot me. Yu Chann shoot back… Wahaha!!

39. Sasara-chan, Yui-chan and Chiyo-chan.


41. Nanoha-chan. She’s soo cute with the glasses.

42. Yui-chan… she came with BK nii-san today.

43. This is Seirei-chan, its the 1st time she had join us in an outing.

44. Tamakin-chan… She had a huge flower on her head.

45. Mio-chan… She know about this last minute and rush her in her uniform.

46. Marisa-chan… Its her 1st time here with James nii-san.

47. Chiyo-chan.

48. Sasara-chan.

49. Heh.. This ME!!

50. Faster take a group photo, Yu Chann’s gonna go see water balloons and watch the event.

51. Event started… the place is so crowded.

52. LOL… FINALLY!!… Yu Chann was escaping from HUGE legs while heading towards here. There are so many people fishing for water balloons. Stallkeeper say Yu Chann cannot play cos I am under age… lol okie


54. Sooo… colorful!!

55. Wow!! Nii-san got one!!

56. Eh… This Nee-san cheating. She grab using her hand >_<”




57. Hmm…mm… What is this? Seems like some shooting game.

58. Ready… Set…. *Bang*

59. lol…. Nii-san aim at the wrong place.


61. The sing along session started… Everyone is singing along and dancing. Yu Chann better head back.



64. Everyone is enjoying themselves singing, dancing and screaming along.



66. Sing along session has ended, better run fast before the crowd moves. Head back to base. Wonder how the rest is doing.

67. Nice lighting…. Lets have a quick shot here before heading back.

68. Back…. Nanoha-chan is gone. But..t.t.t…. eh?!?! Dats Mami-chan. Think Kodomut nii-san brought her here after all. Well… Its a wonderful day today. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Best Wishes to all who attended the event. And also to Zh3us, Kodomut and Trevor who have met for the 1st time. Special thanks to Chun for the pweetie pweetie Yukata.

About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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17 Responses to Natsu Matsuri 2011

  1. wow, looks like u n the girls n their daddehs, mummehs, nii-san, nee-san had fun~!

    a pity my girls n i couldnt be there~

  2. AraydenBeta says:

    It definitely is more prominent and hi-profile than last year’s natsu masuri.

    Dog print paws Yutaka and the iconic-mask is uniquely special!

  3. Traveller says:

    I think i know what your t-shirt says, and it is so original.

    Your Yukata is also nice and looks like the original that Chun designed before it was lengthend.

    Nice event.

    Shame things like this never happen in the UK

    • Yu Chann says:

      Thank You Traveller-san,
      Yes, it is Chun nee-san’s original design. The new design is nice too.
      Hope some day you have nice event over in the HK. Maybe Yu Chann can visit too.

  4. Megu-Chun says:

    Wow. That looks like a lot of fun. Oh Mami based DD. Hopefully my team mate Kula would be able to pictures with her some day

  5. Everyone looked so lovely! 😀

  6. Tom in AZ says:

    So cute, that paw print fabric is just adorable.
    Does Yukino-chan have plans for the Grand Prix next month? Does the FIA issue doll media passes? Or maybe as a race queen?

    • Yu Chann says:

      Hihi… Tom nii-san, Yu Chann is not sure yet. As of now, Papa is not sure if his friends is able to issue him with a Pit Pass. Lets see if Yu Chann got the chance to go see the vroom vroom!! =D

  7. This looks so fun. Wish Kagura and I were there too…

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