The Making Of the AFA 2011 Mirai Itasha

Hi everybody! Long time no see~ Yu Chann have been busy for a long time.
Today Yu Chann bring to everyone an Exclusive Report on the Making of Danny Choo Nii-san’s Mirai Itasha. Thanks to Danny Nii-san for giving Yu Chann the chance to do this exclusive report… Hope everyone enjoy it

Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino specially brought to you this exclusive report on the making of the Mirai Itasha. My name is Fujiwara Yukino. Today we are at the Project de Creation workshop where the Mirai Itasha will be born. Lets take a closer look.

This is the car that will eventually be Danny Nii-san’s flagship Itasha in his booth for AFA 2011. It will be held in Singapore on the 11th, 12th and 13th of November. Be sure not to miss it. More details here.
Yu Chann will be doing first hand reporting on the event. For those who cannot make it here, stay tuned. Yu Chann will try my best to bring AFA 2011 to you.

This is Mirai-chan, this will be the big decal on the front bonnet. Lets take a closer look….

Isn’t she she Kawaii? Mirai-chan *muack muackz* ❀

This is JF nii-san, He is the chief craftsman of this project. Look how fast he got Mirai-chann in position. Not forgetting Leonard nii-san who has been helping out in the background.

JF nii-san trying to get the bubbles off the decal… I wonder where is he touching. *giggles*

Okay… Yu Chann is not all talks. Yu Chann helps get the bubbles off to. Look at that! I got some bubbles off the Oppai~ XD

Taking a break… Ahh wonder whats next? Who is JF nii-san gonna put on next?

Woot! Its Solar Marine Mirai Chann….!! Me like!! *Takes out camera*

Look at JF nii-san. Displaying his professional skill on how to do a nice decal work… The Itasha look is coming together already.

*Continuing Shooting*

Ah… now the final piece. Yu Chann help to hold Mirai-chan too. *Place palm on Mirai*

Hey look what i’ve got! JF nii-san gave me Mirai-chan’s shoe… lolx

You know? This Itasha is design not by anyone but Danny nii-san himself. Check out the decals (Design by Danny Choo) Yu Chann gonna make Danny nii-san sign on this~

=P … I am the 1st person to get into the Itasha!! YAY!

Finally all done. Now lets welcome the 2 heroes behind the work.


On the Left, Leonard nii-san who help out in the background. On the Right, JF nii-san who did lotsa work to put the Mirai Itasha together. They are 2 real funny people. Yu Chann enjoy myself alot today.

Finally, this report is brought to you buy Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino.

Signing off Yu Chann.

Credits to:
– Danny Choo nii-san. Thank You for sponsoring the Mirai Itasha
– Maurice and gang of SOZO. Thanks for making all this possible.
– JF and Leonard of Project de Creation for the hard work.
– An Chun nee-san who always let Yu Chann have pretty clothes to wear.

WS nii-san for assisting Papa~
Last but not least… Papa!!! ❀

About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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21 Responses to The Making Of the AFA 2011 Mirai Itasha

  1. Great job Yu-Chan >V< b
    papa (Alvin) also, thanks for create new story to us ^^

  2. That’s a great coverage Yu-chan /hugs /kisses, I always wonder how they made an itasha car… I wonder if to-san would make his itaize his car with me… that would been wonderful!

    • Yu Chann says:

      Ahhhh!!! SaberLily-chann *huggz, kiss, snuggle* Thank You~ Yeah Yeah, making Itasha is fun… Yu Chann get’s to play with big big stickers. SaberLily-chan should ask your to-san to make one. *shiii… dont tell anyone. Ever night whisper into his ear…. Make an Itasha…Make an Itasha…Make an Itasha…Make an Itasha…Make an Itasha…* =P

  3. Chun says:

    Super cool!! Great job! Looking forward to see your other reports XD

  4. Megu-Chun says:

    *eyes itasha, check fight list to see where car crushing bonus round is to be held*

  5. Traveller says:

    Sae & Aoi along with myself enjoyed this report.
    All three of us wonder what happens in a mistake is made with the decals.

    Good to see ya still reporting

  6. Yu Chann says:

    Thank You Traveller nii-san~ Yu Chann took a long break helping Papa on prop building. Built tons of new toys hehehe. Reporting season is open, watch out for more live report coming your way. Hope to meet up with Aoi and Sae-chan someday πŸ˜€

    • Traveller says:

      You may intrested in seeing this.

      This has been Sae’s only appearance todate as she has been trying to find the perfect hairstyle, which see belives she now has along with a nice collection of clothes.

      She keeps nagging me to build a suit case like yours as well as a mini apartment, but I keep telling her that she cannot have an appartment like you as there is not much room and I don’t have the skill to do it.

      She now likes the Microphone espeically the little stick on the boxed surround and wonder’s what the writing says on it

      • Yu Chann says:

        lol… Traveller nii-san, Sae look AWESOME!! Her wig looks like Yu Chann when I am young(there will be a post on childhood times) Sae-chan got a style of her own which is very distinctive. You may wanna check out here:

        There should be alot of accessories that will suit her.
        Are you comming to AFA2011 SG? Hope to see Sae-chan sometime.

        Btw… The word on the mic says “MEDIA” the decal on the box is Yu Chann’s adventure logo.

        Best Regards
        Yu Chann

        • Traveller says:

          Sadly Sae, Aoi and myself will not be doing any further traveller around the world this year. ON 11/11/11 is a special day in the UK as it marks the signing of papers that ended the first world war.

          I am returning to Japan next year in early Dec to see the x-mas build up, but am not sure if Sae & Aoi will be travelling as there are plans to bring back an additional person back.

          Sae say’s thank you for the link to Dollmore. She’s been there twice with my Paypal account and brought some clothes, and is now interested in the mini backpacks, but does prefer the one that your papa made for ya.

          Sae say’s thank you for the info about the mic.

          I do have some pics of Sae & Aoi in Tokyo and a couple that were taken at the airport, but nothing as exiting as the ones that you and your papa take.

  7. Yu Chann says:

    Nii-san, it’s okay to take a break on the Christmas season. Maybe you can take Sae-chan and Aoi-chan to the paper signing and report the event?

    Icic… It is great to have another musume. But do take good care of them. Papa only have me and Moe Imouto… seems running cost is alot higher now.

    Hope Sae-chan find some nice backpack or suitcase soon. Papa always keep 1 eye open for 1/3 when he go shopping.

    Please do post some pics. Papa, Moe and I will be very busy during this season so please drop a thinker if you do post okie =D

    Best Regards
    Yu Chann

  8. Alphond Tan says:

    Found you Yu Chann !!! πŸ™‚ very nice to meet u here!

  9. Yu Chann says:

    *Scream* Alphond nii-san!! *Hugz* You are here! Thank You so much for helping out with Papa’s tutu train yesterday :3 see ya soon at CGM night AKB48 Cafe~

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