AFA SG 2011 Preview Day

Anime Festival Asia 2011 (aka AFA2011) Held in Singapore Suntec City Convention Hall 403/404 on 11th/12th and 13th of November 2011.
Today is the 10th. Where everyone is setting up their booths and also the Media Press Conference of the performing Artist.

This is Fujiwara Yukino, reporting from site.

We are now on site at entrance of the convention Hall. Even at the early hours, the place is already packed with people. It is heard that some of them actually came here to queue over the night to get early access to their loots.

First thing that we ever notice there were many cosplay enthusias. Let’s meet up some of them. Behind me are Hatsu Miku and Volcaloid cosplay.

Yuki Narato cosplay.

Snow Miku cosplay.

Vocaloid cosplay.

Now, its time to head for the Media Press Conference. Yu Chann was invited to join the conference.

Here we have got various artist from over seas that have come over to Singapore to perform for the “I Love Anisong” Concert. Below is the Famous group “Angela”Atsuko nee-san and KATSU nii-san.

Following is the group Kalafina. One of their album release is “After Eden”

And we also have Milky Homes here this year.

And of cause everyone knows her. It’s May’n nee-san. She sings so many nice songs from Macross Frontier.

This year, famous cosplayer Usagi nee-san is here to join us. And also Up and comming pop star LiSA. Accompanied with our forever pop Aniki Ichiro Mizuki nii-san.

We also have SEaA out local anime pop girls group. And we are proud to have FLOW to join us here with us.

Danny Choo nii-san giving a speech to everyone.

And Yuki Mirai chan is with him.

Well… I guess I better head for the hall while now only restricted people are allow to enter.

Many of them were already here queuing for the Hatsune Miku concert.

Here we are in the hall. It is better to report now then tomorrow as Yu Chann don’t want to get stamped by everyone. Yu Chann is only 60cm, it is hard to spot me and i will get run all over. This is Good Smile Company… Papa collected a lot of Nendroids made by this company.

This is Kurocha… They carry many animated toys too.

This is Roborobo, they have wide range of figure and stuff.

And of cos Cospa, the famouse Tee Shirt maker.

Behind me is the area of the Moe Moe Kyun Cafe… Lets take a closer look.

This year we have both Meido Cafe and Butler Cafe.

Look at the setup… It’s astonishing.

Yu Chann is here with Gundam Unicorn. Lets have an Interview with the Gundam.

Finally we are at Danny Choo nii-san’s booth. Papa’s helping out with the set up. That is Kodonut nii-san in the back.
Here we are preparing to put up the posters. They were all mounted on foam board.

Its tiring job. Kodomut nii-san taking a nap here.

The new carton of Mirai Oppai mouse pad had arrive. Danny nii-san using his nose to inspect the quality… lolx

More setting up of the booth.

Heres Danny nii-san signing a Mirai Figma box for Papa.

He started to do some filming for Culture Japan.

This is the best part… Mirai chan wall of fame.

Some visitors from other company came to take pictures with Danny nii-san.

We also have dollies cosplay as Mirai chan… They are Marisa and Airy.

Even Beto cosplay as Mira chan.

Here is Rina. She cosplay as Mami of Madoka this year.

Yu ki chan enjoying herself relaxing on the Itasha.

She is shooooo cute!!

Some display in the display case. Its a 1/5 scale Danny nii-san statue. It is made by 3d printing.

The Mirai Mouse pad on display… Ahemmm Mirai chan is Biggggg!! lolx Yu Chan wanna *squish squish*

Some disk of anume that has Mirai chan in them.

Here’s the hankie~

And so… we have constructed a Danbo Mirai cosplay…. wahahahah!!

Now here’s a bunch of figmas cosplay as Mirai.

From Stein gate…







Mugi and Kion in the background…. lol

The Itasha bicycle.

That’s it for preperation day. Tomorrow will be AFA 1st day. Till Then, this is Fujiwara Yukino signing off.

Credits to:

Danny Choo, who make all this possible on the Mirai Itasha.

Justin SGcafe: for the media access and the reporting of events.

DRT: For joining forces to make the doll booth a reality.

Not forgetting SOZO for organizing of this event.

And all the gang that helped out in the booths and media support.

About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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6 Responses to AFA SG 2011 Preview Day

  1. very nice pic and in details report by Yu chann ^^
    I really like the way u take pic for Yu Chann
    that mic which Yu Chann holding looks awesome, nice works~!

    • Yu Chann says:

      Thank You Avan nii-san, It is hard work for Yu Chann to do reporting. Almost got stomp by people. YAY! mic is great, papa make it as new toy for me. It is very fun.

  2. Sae Chann says:

    This is a great report and the photos are fantastic.

    Aoi & Father look forward to seeing further reports from you as we don’t have events like this in the UK

  3. Yu Chann says:

    Thank You Sae chan for liking the report. Yu Chann will ganbatte to bring more report of event to you. So there are no dollies activities in UK?

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