AFA2011 DollCrash

It’s the official 1st day of AFA Friday 11th Nov. This is Fujiwara Yukino reporting from the Singapore doll booth contributed from the Singapore doll community and some Overseas Guest. I am glad that I was invited to this event by the organizer to bring to everyone this report.

Many nii-san and nee-san have peen preparing their musume since months ago for this day. The turn out was great!! And everyone are so pretty.

Not only dolls. We also have a variety of props like big guns, armchair and strida bicycle etc etc..

On the later part, I am gonna have some short interview with some of them.

Lets start with the interview.

This is Sasara chan, she is Imouto of Gordon nii-san. Today she is cosplaying Homura of Madoka Magica.

This is My little sister Fujiwara Moe. She is here today with our Srtida bicycle. Papa hand made this.

Look! This is how it was made to fold.

We are glad many turn up. Marisa is here too today. She is James nii-san’s musume.

Among the group, there are 2 vocaloid. One of them is Reimu, musume of Christabel nee-san. She is cosplaying Sakura Miku.

This is Chiyo. She is the musume of YT nii-san. She is the the only OL(office lady) in the group. She’s got Gucci… I only have LV…

Here we are, the Baka San-nin… Alter, Lily and Louise. They are musume from Sephora nii-san.

Here we are a Guest from China. Sasara chan is musume of Xiao Ann nii-san. They came from far away to attend this event. Very glad to have them here.

And here is Kodomut nii-san’s musume Rina. She is cosplaying Mami of Madoka Magica. Look! shes got big guns!! They were hand made by Kodomut nii-san.

Here is YuYu, musume of Ethan nii-san. I guess she is not new to everyone as she is one of the very few Yukinos around.

Its Miku… A very different look on Miku chan as it is a custom model by Ethan nii-san.

It’s Aoi slacking… Musume of Winterknight nii-san. Yeah!! slacking just like her Papa…

This is lily, Musume of Joel nii-san.

Airy chan, musume of Arayden nii-san…

Woot! It’s Yuki chan. She is musume of Mizu nee-san. It’s the 1st time seeing her.

Nehh… My Imouto, she is playing around again.

Time for Yu Chann to take a seat. Wahaha… seat on the Strida bicycle. Chun nee-san Look!!

Here is a lovely Yuki, she is musume of Akiyo nii-san.

And its Konomi from Ethan nii-san again.

This is lily, she is from Mizu nee-san and she is with mamachap.

Ahh… Mashiro chan. She is also Gordon nii-san’s musume.

Here’s Arayden nii-san’s Yuki cosplay as Mirai.

And Saber, also musume of Arayden nii-san.

And Escalayer, also musume of Arayden nii-san.

This is a Guest from Malaysia. Tama-chan is musume of Yunamon nii-san and she is cosplaying Caster from Fate Extra.

Yui of K-on. She is musume of BK nii-san. Glad she join us.

This is Kagura chan, she is musume of Joyce nee-san. Papa contacted nee-san sometime ago to invite her to the event and she came with Kagura chan. It was an honor to meet new comrades. My apologies for photo qualities as a part of Papa’s photos were corrupted. Thanks to Keith Ong nii-san who saved the day.(Photo credit to Keith Ong.)

This is Mio of K-on. She is musume of Trevor nii-san.

Another K-on Mio. She is musume of Zhen Zhou nii-san.She is cosplaying Patchouli Knowledge.They came all the way from Australia for this event.

Saku-chan , also musume of Arayden nii-san.

Shanghai chan.. she is also musume of Zhen Zhou nii-san. They came all the way from Australia for this event.

Here’s Yuki chan(Yukino) she is musume of Mizu nee-san. She is one of the rare Limited Edition Yukino around.

Custom Al Azif from Ethan nii-san.

Alter and Louise fro Sephora nii-san.

This is Reimu of Touhou. Musume of Wen Jun nii-san.

This is Alna chan. Musume of Arayden nii-san.

And Megumi(Neris) from WS nii-san. She look so relax… lol.

Mashiro chan is musume of Furry nii-san. They came from Brunei to attend this event.

Here’s Chun Li. Musume of Iwa nee-san. Our fighter of the pack.

Lily of musume of Christabel nee-san.

Marisa from James nii-san.

Posing like a King… Original Saber.

Group photo of the committee.

Group photo with guest.

This is me and Imouto… We are Fujiwara Yukino 藤原雪野and Fujiwara Moe 藤原萌 from The Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino 藤原雪野の冒険 Photo Stories(What you are reading now.)

Ika musume, cosplay by illya… musume of Christabel.

Tamachan of Yunamon nii-san.

Little Miku from Mabel nee-san.

Finally Yuki Mirai chan… Danny nii-san brought here her here amidst of his busy schedule. Glad to see everyone is here finally.


Moe posing for the camera.

Here’s me… time to relax.

Thanks to all nee-san and nii-san for reading this. Please do leave a comment if you like it. It will keep the passion on-going.


– Yuki Mirai (Danny Choo)







– AOI (Winterknight)





– YUI (BK)



– YUKI, Yukino (MIZU)







About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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30 Responses to AFA2011 DollCrash

  1. That srtida bicycle is so amazing!
    Great job Alvin-san ><b

  2. wow~ u also got 7D to your daughters ^^

  3. Smithy says:

    Nice photos, really looks like you guys had a fun time and an impressive DD gathering there. ^^

  4. Sae Chann says:

    These pictures are really great and everyone all look paitent as they waited to have their pictures taken.

    Good to see Moe sharing some time with you in front of the camera and your fold up Bicycle looks cool

    Traveller San (father) is worried that he cpould see no breaks on the bicycle or fiting for lights.

    Alana San from Arayden nii-san is fantastic in that outfit. You must ask Arayden or Papa where it was brought from.

    Another great report, and once again it is such a shame that avents like this don’t happen in the UK

    • Arayden says:

      A random pick from the evil Yahoo! Japan Auctions. So happen to chance upon a DDdy version… and took it. Not quite the debut i intended for Alna actually but it works in many ways as the zipper won’t show her crotch even when fully unzipped.

      I happen to get Airy another costume for CGM but that is another tale to tell.

      P.S. I might try to see if i can find the same seller though it has been months i bought the suit lol.

    • Yu Chann says:

      lol.. Papa built brakes after AFA. Too many things to built not enough time.

      The suite looks cool, Arayden nii-san will know where he got it from.

      Someday join us in Singapore or maybe HK if you can. Thou UK dont have such event, you can always go for a trip with your papa.

      • Sae Chann says:

        Father say’s that we are going back to Japan to see the build up toward christmas in Dec 2012 and he plans to go to HK at the same time the following year – 2013.

        • Yu Chann says:

          Wow! It is good planing. Wish I can go Japan with Moe imouto too. But next trip will likely be Malaysia. Plan to go HK 2012 too. Lets see how things goes. Hope flood in Thailand go away so we can go Thailand too.

  5. Sasara-chan says:

    This is a very comprehensive coverage of the doll booth Yu-chan! Well done! This is a great event which couldn’t be possible without everyone’s contribution and help. ^^

  6. ethan says:

    Honored to have Yu-chann and Moe-chan cycling down to lend support. Hope the Booth did not disappoint~

  7. Megu-chun says:

    lol. Yu-chann. Little Miku is Musume of Mabel-san.
    Oh and Yu-chann must pose with camera when go on display next time. One photographer guy was impressed with Yu-chann camera and took pictures as well.

  8. Duriel says:

    Wonderful photos and a great post ^___^

  9. That’s some comprehensive coverage right there Yu Chann, must have been tiring to interview all the participants there~ looks like a fun event though~

    • Yu Chann says:

      lol… Lily chan, it was tiring but fun. Yu Chann run around the hall and meet many people. Even some anisong artist. They were so great gave Yu Chann a CD and sign on them. Wish to meet up with Lily chan some time soon. Maybe DP7?

  10. bernardtzing says:

    sugoi gathering…so many musume..i’m drooling

  11. chun says:

    Super awesome! Great job Yu chan and papa and Moe ;)!

  12. Yu Chann says:

    Thank You Chun nee-san! :3
    Hope you enjoy your lala land holiday. Take more pics and share ya!

  13. Hi Yu-chann + moe-chann

    Sepho daddeh finally gotten us a wp acct.

    We can finally leave comments on ur posts le….

    Looking forward to the next outing~

  14. Furry says:

    Definately will attend AFA2012 next year. Prolly will bring my 2nd daughter as well (if there is space) ^^;


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