Comrades Around the World

It’s been some time since Nee-san got Papa into this hobby and since then, Papa had been enjoying himself every single bit of it. Going to places, meeting new comrades, coming up with shooting plans and building all sorts of nonsense toys for me and my Imouto Moe. Over these times, we have come to realize that it is not what we are but who we have become. It is not where we go but why we go there. Through our journey in Doll Otakuism we have met up with comrades from all over the world. From different countries, in different genders and of all shape and sizes… lolx

This is a post dedicated to all BJD Doll owners around the world and all the little ones like myself. Especially to the comrades that we have personally met locally and overseas during the events that we have attended. Here, I share some photos over the 11 countries we have collected with lotsa gratitude to them. Nice knowing all of you.

You know who you are ^_^

In alphabetical order:
Pudding from Australia with Mio

Chun from Canada with Mirai Yukino

XiaoAn from China with Saber Lily

Avan from Hong Kong with Tama-nee

Tony from Hong Kong with Saki

Natalie from Hong Kong with Tamaki

Tatsuya from Indonesia with Airy

Danny from Japan with Yuki Mirai

Jonathan from Malaysia with Mashiro

Mark from Philippines with Mikuru

Gordon from Singapore with Sasara

Papa from Singapore with Me and Moe!

Applepuff from Thailand with Sasara

Wolfheinrich from USA with Saber Lily

Philip from USA with Mari and Mashiro

Throughout my journey, I have met new comrades and did many things together. We had lots of fun and made many precious memories together. ^^

We donated blood together.

Watched the moon together.

Hanged out by the streets together.

Shouted out together.

Planked together.

Chilled by the waterfront together.

Went for a trip together.

We bum at the Meido Cafe together.

Partied together.

Celebrated together.

We even got listed on J-Pop Culture together!

It is through this culture that we’ve met. Through this hobby that we’ve got together. And together, we had fun.
May all these fun spread to everyone around the world. I will continue my journey, to seek more comrades in the Adventures of Fujiwara Yukino.
The adventures continues….

Credits got out to everyone around the World who names were mentioned and also those who were involved in the photos.
Thanks a bunch for the Photos

About Yu Chann

A dollfie adventurer in a little island called Singapore. Dreaming of exploring the rest of the word. Along the way, she met new comrades of her own kind. And the adventures continues...
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43 Responses to Comrades Around the World

  1. Leukemio says:

    Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh Mashiro is glad to meet you online!

  2. Heather says:

    My girls are avid readers of your blog! It was so nice to see all your online friends… my girls will avidly keep reading. Especially Alna, she loves watching your adventures!

    • Yu Chann says:

      Heather-san, thank you for liking the post. So happy to have a avid reader here, feel real honor. Hope to meet Alna soon… Will keep up the work to bring more interesting adventures~ :3

  3. chun says:

    😀 So much blood sweat and tears lol keep up the good one Yu chan, Moe and Alvin!

    • Yu Chann says:

      Thank You Chun nee-san… Yes a lot of blood sweat and tears. Yukino nee san “sweat” when you poke your fingers till “blood” came out while sewing for us. I can’t help it and cry till “tears” come out… sobz.

      :3 Moe
      (Yukino nee-san 不在家)

  4. Sasara-chan says:

    It is always nice to get to meet new people through hobbies, though we are unique in a way some people might not fully understand us. Those who do will understand it is not just a hobby but friendship as well. Hobby is the thing that ties us all together. ^_^

  5. Puddng says:

    oooo this so nice =3= great stuff of everyone all over the world~

  6. coffeebugg says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you too. And as you said, always a pleasure to meet new people through our hobbies. ^__^!

  7. archangeli says:

    What a lovely post! I hope I get to meet you someday too Yukino! ^__^”

    Sasara looks so deep in thought reading her Trooping for Dummies~!

  8. Tatsuya LS says:

    Nice Post… XD~ Airy feel happy can help you this…
    also glad to meet you too… ^_^

  9. megumi says:

    Megumi is in the post~! 8D

  10. slmka says:

    wow…thats a lot. Hope my Saber will arrive on time next year to join in the fun =)

  11. It was a great experience to have met you in Hong Kong Yu Chann~ I am really impressed with all your effort in putting this Dollfie around the world project. It is true that to-san has met more friend online and offline as a result of adopting me and my sisters, even though it’s still 7 months away, he is already looking forward to head back to Hong Kong next year~ Hope to see you again Yu Chann~

    • Yu Chann says:

      Heh… Saberlily nee-san, friends in the same hobby has no boundaries. Through the internet we share. Through the meet ups we get to know each other better. The gift of sharing has no limit. Hope to see you again if we can make it to DP7.
      (Hope company don’t lock papa in the office fridge forbid him to take leave.)

      Moe XD

  12. Love Angel says:

    Such a beautiful post!
    I haven’t met any parents yet, but I hope it will not take long.

    There are lots of amazing DD parents around the globe and I’m glad to have met them.

  13. thank you for having us baka san-nin and sepho daddeh hang out with u guys~

    it was fun knowing all u guys~ ^_^

    looking forward to more outings/gatherings with u guys for the years to come~

    keep on posting~!

    – A.Saber

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  15. Megu-Chun says:

    Those were such fun days. To be able to make new friends and join in on projects. I keep forgetting to take pic for Dummy book…. Sorry ah -_-‘

  16. chipmunkchen says:

    I really love your blog maan! ❤ love it to watch all the great shots and love the stories.. always watching it from the background^^

  17. Yu Chann says:

    Chipmunkchen nii-san, thank you for visiting. This is a cosy place. Feel free to drop by and comments or reply. Hope you enjoy your stay here. If any day you make a trip, we will all be glad to meet up with you. Hope to see ya around soon.

    Moe XD

  18. Sae Chann says:

    Father likes the night photo, and I bvelive he has commented on it on FM.

    I hope that father will get to take me to SG in the future and would love to meet up with everyone here.

  19. Q says:

    Hiya, I think this is my first time stopping by your blog despite having communicated on twitter. Hope I can make myself comfortable here.

    Nice to see how you get to meet many people and their dolls from different places, and what you’ve got out of the trips. I personally am still a little shakey on this new ground, and I am not sure how much I will focus on this compared to my existing hobbies, but maybe we’ll get to meet up again, and by that time I will hopefully be more comfortable with it (as I still have some dilemnas about it).

    • Yu Chann says:

      Hi Quentin nii-san~ nice of you to drop by Yu Chann’s little place. This site basically have no hard and fast rules. Please feel free to babble anything under the sky. The blog has no sense of direction. Its fundamentals are base on myself, a 60cm little girl adventures out to the human world. Along the way, I met more comrades and learn more new things. It could be taking part in event, found some tasty food or even exploring into the woods for photography sake. Recently I took up media reporting for some events… more adventures awaits. I will try my best to bring more epic reports and my adventure stories to everyone. Anything under the sky can happen. And also, please do hang in there. As long as you are doing what you like and enjoying it, nothing can set you back.

      Ganbatte nii-san!!
      ❤ Yu Chann ❤

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