Yay!! Yu Chann’s going to Hong Kong(Pre Dollism Plus 6)

Tomorrow’s the day. Papa’s bringing Yu Chann to Hong Kong to meet everyone in Dollism Plus 6. Hmm..mm.. wonder what clothes should I bring?image

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My 1st Birthday – Fujiwara Yukino Birthday Special

It was a wonderful morning today. I was busy packing my bed when Aoi came up to me.

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There was this night while I was resting in bed, I heard some noises coming from below. Continue reading

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Puppy FanClub Meet

It was a lazy Saturday morning when Papa came in and hand over a package to me. It was from Chun Nee san.
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Level 2

Arggg… Its been raining the whole weekend on both days. Papa wanted to bring Yu Chann out for a walk to the Redcross Society. He remembered Yu Chann was telling him Yu Chann wanted donate some funds for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Charity. But then…. this weekend’s  weather was like… (-____-)”

Oh well… We ended up staying home and worked on level 2 of Yu Chann’s little house. Its really hard work.
Just lay up the flooring. This thing is heavy… now to keep away the remaining.

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Charity Auction

Yu Chann is so sad to know about what happen to Japan. (My Hometown is in Japan too.. Harajuku).
Glad to know Chun Nee san is putting up a set of pretty cloths for auction in Donation to Charity for fund raising on the Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund. I manage to get Papa to take a look at the Auction page and this is how it goes.

Yu Chann: Papa Papa, Chun nee san put up a set of pretties on auction page for fund raising.

Papa: Yeah I know. And the auction is pretty fierce.

Yu Chann: Papa, dont be stingy. Put up a fight will ya!!

Papa: Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

Yu Chann: You sure?? Dont act!! At most Yu Chann dont go shopping and buy toys for a couple of months.

Papa: (Thinking in the head)*Ya right, a couple of months. You can hold on for 2 weeks no shopping I “chop off”*

Yu Chann: On top of that the model is cuz Mirin… (SFX) *hiak hiak hiak, I hit the nail on papa’s head…. wonder how will it all end up??*

Links here:
Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund
Chun nee san’s page
Auction Page

Yu Chann hope everyone will put in contribution and donation one way or another. Pleaseee~ *pout*

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Imouto Visit

It was another beautiful Sunday and early in the morning, Natsuki was watching anime in the living room when suddenly… there was a hi.s…s…ss….. sound. Natsuki tot it was coming from the TV set but….

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A day out shooting in town with Papa… =3

Yippie!! Its Saturday again. Papa promise to bring Yu Chann out so we are heading to town. Packing our stuff and we both can head out. We are going to the city area. XD

Argg… need to check the stuff to bring. Camera… checked, Lens and Hood… checked, Extra battery…. hmm..mm.. think i’ll just bring the battery grip. Tripod and bag… checked. Yeah!! All ready to go. Heard Uncle Davie and the friends from Photo & Co are coming along too.

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Fujiwara Yukino is……….. Agent F

Papa says… Its been along time he took some nice shots of Yu Chann. So today he ask Yu Chann to dress up in the suit where Yu Chann always wear when assign on secret missions. Yu Chann’s script have not finished yet so can only have photo taking session at home. Anyway its raining Domo Kun and Dora Dora outside. I ain’t gonna go out and get wet. Enjoy the pics everyone… every dollies =3

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They are back…

Today, Papa came home with a bag… It was the DRT Team Tees!!!! Ahhhhhh *faints* Both Natsuki Chann and I jumped on the tees and the next minute we were in them! Love them so much as they were custom to our size. And also special thanks to Mizu ne-san for her hard work she put in editing the fonts and numbers for the prints.
Heres some Photos taken by Papa. ❤

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